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About Where’s Your Next Adventure?
We’re here to share our passion for outdoor adventures with the world!

From a young age, Phil learned to thrive in the great outdoors. His family often traveled across the Western United States, taking him on excursions and camping trips. Phil fostered a love for the outdoors and experiencing it with family.

Phil has spent the last 18 years exploring and writing about his passion for connecting with natural wonders and shared adventures with travelers of all ages.

Phil works alongside his wife, Ronelle, who also enjoyed traveling and camping as a child. Their shared love for the great outdoors helped them build a prosperous business. They have five children and ten grandchildren. Phil and Ronelle hope their legacy lives on as their family remains devoted to connecting with nature.

Where’s Your Next Adventure is committed to introducing fantastic adventures and unique shared experiences to bring people together in our common appreciation for the great outdoors. We know first hand the memories from these kinds of trips will last a lifetime.

Where's Your Next Adventure expedition planning Utah.
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